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Nothing ends

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Nothing ends, one thing transforms into the next.

We have to start paying attention to the relationships, especially to the relationships that make us uncomfortable, because the relationships that make us uncomfortable is where the real spiritual work is happening. Real spiritual work is when you can measure your progress and you can measure truly how fearful you are. It’s about intimacy with everything we have, drama or love.

We have to be willing to debate and discuss our differences if we want to go through them. It’s uncomfortable to be in love with somebody that you disagree with. Nice and fluffy relationships are not progress, nothing is transforming.

Nobody gets enlightment and mastery without going to hell first. We have to start looking at parts of ourselves that may not be the parts we would broadcast on the internet. But these are the parts of ourselves that need to be looked at, these parts hold the keys for our truth.

When we go through constant repetition of avoiding parts of ourselves, avoiding something, avoiding an unresolved drama “I don’t want to talk about it, I don’t want to think about it, I don’t fully understand them, they make me feel weird”, turn the back on them, what happens is that we begin to live more and more in delusion.

Push all the nasty things away so that you can live in a perfect constructed heaven that you made up in your mind, it’s delusional. The heart is not in your mind. You might have the perfect ideas in your mind, but you have to live them, and before we do that we have to go through our own messiness. We have to recognize that we are dirty and that we are cleaning up.

Intimacy with everything that feels good and with everything that doesn’t. Love is that force, is that strength, is that power that allows us to sit in anything, comfortable or uncomfortable.

Go into the uncomfortable with a pure and big heart. Move out from your own insecurities and your own imperfections while you hold hands with those around you doing the same! When we are sitting into the love, we are allowed to go into the drama because we have faith. We should not see those things of being problems or being bad, this is life, those things will always be here and we should always be ready to embrace them as a growing path.

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