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Psihoterapia individuală aduce mereu o serie de provocări pentru psihoterapeut. De data aceasta bariera ar fi putut fi cea a limbii, pentru niciuna dintre noi engleza nu era limba nativă și totuși am descoperit amândouă că psihoterapia construiește un limbaj universal, acela al prezenței, curiozității, însoțirii.

Cred că limbajul acesta nou are o nuanță specială, aceea a simțirii nevoilor reale pe care acest tip de relație le tot scoate la iveală.

I found Arina Dogaru via the internet, when I was searching for a Psychotherapy in Bucharest (psihoterapia Bucuresti). Arina was the last person that Google showed on the first page. I didn’t want to take the first ones, and Arina was lucky to be the last one, in order for me to open her webpage. Her webpage and work was interesting me, since first she was a woman, and second I liked the group pictures and kind of work she seemed to do also with colors. While I was coming to see her only to talk and talk and talk – to find someone to listen to what I have lived and how I feel – I still got enthusiastic seeing the colors, since drawing might be interesting too, and I got curious about her way of doing sessions in psychotherapy.

Arina’s sessions where very helpful in fulfilling my initial need of talking about points and happenings in my life. It also brought up some points and influences I hadn’t realized myself before. Towards the last sessions we had, I got lazy to analyze myself deeply before we met. One the one hand, this allowed us to work on things in more depth, and for her to support me in thinking about or approaching things that might support me for the future to come. On the other hand, I had this urge of getting the most out of one session, which was more fulfilled when I came already with a bunch of stuff to share with Arina.

Arina was really caring and taking me and my schedule as being important. My first call she replied to, was on a Sunday afternoon, a session we had was on a Saturday morning … It felt like someone is walking a bit with me. At this point, I want to thank you Arina, for being the person that I was thinking about in years – someone to just tell my story to. 😉

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